Following the passage of Hurricane Dorian, many Bahamians have been left to pick up the pieces. Many have lost family members, others have lost their homes and belongings. However, numerous countries and organisations have come together to provide assistance to the ravaged country.

The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) has been on location assessing the extent of the damage in the islands.

The Executive Director, Ronald Jackson says dozens of homes and businesses have been completely destroyed and as of Monday approximately 460 persons were in shelters on Abaco and another 1675 in government shelters and hotels in Nassau.

Upon his visit to the affected areas, he reported that there was damage to fires stations, clinics, schools and government buildings. There was also an oil spill along the East end of Grand Bahama said to pose an environmental risk. Jackson says plans are underway to have it cleared from the area.

He notes that older buildings were able to withstand the wind and water from the Hurricane but others were challenged. He also disclosed that a tornado had followed the Hurricane which accounts for the extensive damage in some areas.

Speaking with CVM LIVE, Jackson notes that while recovery efforts are in place, the aim is to rebuild again.