CAPRI Study Highlights Mental Health Issues Within The Family

A UNICEF- CAPRI study has revealed the damaging impact of the Coronavirus, COVID-19 outbreak in family homes. The study which was conducted between June 23 to July 13 included 1994 people, 877 of which were children from different socio-economic backgrounds, the results found depression, anxiety, and mental health issues to be a serious concern.

Job losses coupled with the closure of schools and even the very restrictions to control the spread of the disease are causing a disruption in households.  Lead researcher on the project at CAPRI, Dr. Kelly Dixon Hamil says families reported a sense of depression, stress, and anxiety in the household.  There was also an increase in violent acts in disciplining children by their guardians.

Child Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison says there needs to be psycho-social support for parents and children during this period. 

One single parent by the name of Shameka says she has to juggle work, teach her son at home, pay someone to supervise him and find time for herself. This she says is very stressful.

CVM LIVE conducted an experiment to call the parish-helplines and majority of the representatives answered on the second ring. We spoke to one who told us that she was working from home and is readily available to speak with parents.

Jamaila Maitland reports for CVM LIVE: