Canaan Heights Community Under Curfew

Members of the security forces moved in to the Canaan Heights Community of Central Clarendon, Wednesday July, 14. The curfew comes at a time when there have been flare-ups in sections of the community between warring factions.

There have been several murders and shootings in recent weeks. Head of operations in Clarendon, Superintendent Christopher Phillips says a recent murder in the community has heightened tension.

The police say the conflict dates back 4 years ago.

There are two security checkpoints in the Canaan Heights community, while soldiers are on patrol in the space.

Residents are welcoming the increased security, but they are mindful that it may be short-lived.

The 48-hour curfew expires at 6 pm Friday July, 16.

The police say it appears residents were in a hostage situation. They say criminals operating in the space have robbed residents of the freedom to move around and do business without fear.

Superintendent Phillips says the curfew is just one of the many interventions planned for the community which has a history of violence.

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