Campaign Against Catcalling Launched by Student

“DONT BE THAT GUY!” That is the message of a campaign against the street harassment of Jamaican women. The creator of the campaign Davay Henry is hoping to curb the attitudes of some men by speaking up against sexual harassment.

The Sexual Harassment Act 2021 defines sexual harassment as ” the making of any unwelcomed sexual advance towards a person, by another which is regarded as offensive or humiliating” by the recipient. A sexual advance includes “the making of sexual suggestions, remarks or innuendos”. Henry says changing the mindset of Jamaican men will be an arduous but worthwhile task. 

Working to overcome financial roadblocks, she hopes to expand the reach of the project through collaborations with public and private entities, in the meantime, her message to men is simple. Don’t be that guy. More details below:

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