Jamaica is soon to welcome the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge; however, the conversation has resurfaced about what this means for Jamaica’s sovereignty, especially since several calls were made earlier this year for the nation to cut ties with the Queen.

Controversy is swirling ahead of their visit, with a planned protest. Interest and advocacy groups, are expressing ambivalence about the planned tour and are demanding an apology and reparations for the enslavement period. 

President of the Marcus Garvey Peoples Political Party, Heru Ishakamusa Menelik told CVM LIVE he does not care for the royal visit.

However, he says since it’s already happening, it should be used as an opportunity to again request a long-awaited apology for the years of chattel slavery. 

Menelik says the royal visit should not be one that is celebrated, as he claims the monarchy has gone against its own word. Nuremberg Tribunal (of which Britain is a member) notes that any crime against humanity must not go unpunished. He then questions, is the enslavement of a people not considered a crime against humanity? 

The Royals are set to arrive on Tuesday, March 22, just after 2pm

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Reporter: Velonique Bowen.