Calls for More Security as Three Murders Rock St. James

There were three murders in St.James on the night of July 14, among them a double killing in the Granville Community.

Police reports are that 28-year-old Ashawn Holness and his 28-year -old girlfriend Jodi-Ann Roberts, a security guard, were sitting on their verandah in Gordon Crescent when they were attacked by three heavily armed men who shot them multiple times.

Holness’ brother says he could not pinpoint a motive for his brother’s killing.

One Political Representative, People’s National Party (PNP) Councilor Michael Troupe is calling for enhanced security measures, saying gang-related murders have erupted in Granville over the last two months.

Councilor Troupe says the double murder brings the number of deaths in the Granville Division to 9 over the last 8-9 weeks.

He says some of the deceased are yet to be buried.

He says this has driven some of the residents out of the area, and that even though there are foot patrol officers in the area they won’t suffice.

Also on the night of July 14, 31-year-old Rodian ‘Brown Chops’ Slowley was killed in the nearby community of Salt Spring, St.James.

The police say he was outside eating when he was pounced upon by gunmen who shot him multiple times.

The area is currently without a physical police station.

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