Calls for Infrastructural Changes in Seaview Gardens 

As the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) seeks to mitigate flooding and improve drainage across the municipality amid the hurricane season, our reporter Aladden Love visited flood-prone Seaview Gardens which are to receive significant work. 

But there are calls for infrastructural changes. Kingston Mayor Delroy Williams has promised a major clean-up of Seaview Gardens as part of the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation’s hurricane preparation. This section of Seaview Gardens is often impassable whenever it rains heavily. 

While residents, motorists and business operators are comforted by the news that the area will receive attention, they argue that major infrastructural changes are needed. Almando Bailey who operates a business in the area, says he normally takes it upon himself to rid the roadway of debris.

A security guard who works at St. Patrick’s Foundation says he too is fed up with the issue.