Calls For Greater Efforts in Curbing Violent Behaviour in Schools

Stakeholders in the education sector are calling again for greater efforts in curbing violent behaviour among students, in response to the latest physical confrontation between a student and a teacher.

The student was charged with assault occasioning bodily harm and is set to appear in court next week. Many stakeholders across the education sector remain outraged about the video of a Tivoli High student in a physical confrontation with a teacher.

Speaking with CVM LIVE, President of the Jamaica Association of Principals of Secondary Schools, Linvern Wright says the incident is disappointing, but not surprising. He notes the aggression displayed by students is a reflection of society.

The JAPSS President says there needs to be more investment in the social infrastructure and consistency, which he believes is the only way these recurring issues can be resolved. 

He the need for a clear understanding of respect across the board. The interim President of the National Parent Teacher Association of Jamaica (NPTAJ ) Mitzie Harris-Dillon says the NPTAJ condemns all acts of violence inflicted on teachers or students.

She says while this incident is not an isolated issue, a unanimous effort is needed to control this kind of behavior.