Cabinet Shuffle, New Appointed Senate

The Prime Minister announced the anticipated Cabinet reshuffle last evening and announced a new appointment from the Senate while lauding the contribution of long-timers, Audley Shaw and Karl Samuda shuffled out of the cabinet. Other highlights include the return of Floyd Green to the Agriculture Ministry, the addition of responsibilities to Daryl Vaz’s energy portfolio, and the shifting of Pearnel Charles to the Labour Ministry. 

Speculations were rife a few weeks prior as to the approach the Prime Minister would take in shuffling his cabinet. Some critics suggest he would remove most of the seniors and to that notion, they may not have been too far off. 

The Prime Minister notes his new cabinet will no longer feature two senior public servants, Audley Shaw from the transport and mining ministry and recently resigned Labour Minister Karl Samuda. As such among the highlights of the latest cabinet change. Watch the report:

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