In a significant operation unfolding in Oliver Gardens, May Pen, Clarendon, detectives from the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC) have successfully conducted raids at two locations. This Special Operation has led to the recovery of three firearms and the arrest of two men.

Details are still emerging, but early reports indicate that the operation is part of a targeted effort to clamp down on illegal firearms and criminal activities in the area. The operation is still ongoing, and law enforcement officials are currently on the scene. The identities of the individuals in custody have not yet been released, and the specific types of firearms recovered are still being ascertained. This operation is a part of the broader strategy of the Jamaica Constabulary Force to address and reduce crime across the nation. Authorities are urging the public to avoid the area as the operation continues and to remain vigilant.

Further updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

Reporter: Natalia Clarke

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