Day 34 of the Klansman one don gang trial continued today with the prosecution’s examination of one of the police witnesses, a C-TOC Investigator. The witness went undercover as the second witness’ uncle to gather intel and evidence against alleged gang leader Andre Blackman Bryan and his 32 co-accused.

Earlier in the trial, the second witness shared how he worked with the undercover C-TOC Investigator to acquire guns. On Thursday, November 24, the police witness provided his perspective.

After 5 pm on March 31, 2019, he got a call from the second witness to meet at a specific location in Lakes Pen St. Catherine. He was accompanied by two other CTOC officers. He then went into the white Axio the second witness arrived in and drove to Jones Avenue. Similar to the previous witness’ testimony, two gang members walked over to the passenger side of the vehicle.

One handing over a 9mm pistol in a plastic bag; the second gangster handed over ammunition in a bottle. If the second witness’ testimony is to be believed. It was defendant Roel Taylor who handed over the pistol in a scandal bag and defendant Joseph Mcdermont who handed over the ammunition. Both are facing charges for unlawful possession of firearm.

The prosecution asked the police witness if he saw the face of who handed him the pistol. Referring to his highly detailed notes, he said he saw him on two other occasions. The first being an operation in Twickenham on June 25 2019 where defendant Kemar Morrison was taken into custody. And another time in Tamarind Farm on July 12, 2019. The police witness did not identify the gangsters in court.

He also explained to the court how he handed over a malfunctioning rifle used by alleged gang members. It was wrapped in a sheet and handed over to a fellow CTOC officer.

The prosecution tried to submit two phones used by the inspector to secretly record conversations between gang members into evidence. One was marked for identification since the inspector was unable to identify the IMEI number of the first phone.

An IMEI number is a unique identification or serial number used to identify a phone. The other phone, a Voninio, was handed to the witness in a sealed bag and confirmed to be the other phone used to record conversations.

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