Robert Fletcher, a businessman in St. Andrew died at his establishment in Swallowfield. The assailants who fled the scene were cornered by the police at the busy intersection of the Hope and Trafalgar Roads where a fatal gun battle ensued. 

A history of violence has haunted this very spot and the fletcher’s family.

Robert Fletcher’s father and another relative was shot and killed at the same location in separate incidents.

Based on information received, Robert got a warning call before he was shot and killed.

CVM LIVE understands that even before that there were signs that an attack was imminent.

Fletcher was gunned down minutes after 12 p.m. by assailants, who stole cash and his licensed firearm.

Persons described him as a jovial individual yet discreet. Fletcher was also in the process of completing his house in Jack’s Hill. 

While on the scene, firefighters arrived to assist the police in breaking open a safe with valuables including a shotgun that legally belonged to the deceased.