Businessman at Breaking Point with Garbage Issue

One business owner in St. Andrew is this evening appealing for the relevant authorities to address the garbage issue plaguing his establishment. Mr. Wilby the owner of Wilby’s Hardware and grain store along red hills road in St. Andrew is at his breaking point.

He says the constant dumping of garbage on the compounds of his establishment, is greatly impacting business and a major health risk for not only him but consumers. He says, though the members of the NSWMA collect his garbage on a regular basis, the garbage dumped on his property is not collected.

Mr. Wilby notes the Metropolitan Parks and Markets has not been responsive to his request. Several attempts to contact the MPM Waste Management Limited proved futile. The issue of garbage collection has been of grave concern to many across communities. In April of this year Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Desmond McKenzie noted funds have been budgeted to tackle the garbage issue.