Businesses Given Leniency To Deplete Styrofoam Stock During Ban

While the styrofoam ban became effective at the start of this year, there is still evidence of styrofoam food containers in stock. Government Senator Matthew Samuda, notes that this is only for a period as styrofoam containers will no longer be imported.

He says he is expecting a marked reduction in the use of the containers in the coming weeks.

“The ban as it was written into law came under two ministerial orders – one from the Minister of Environment and one from the Minister of Industry and Commerce. The way the ban is written the ban targets supply and we have cut the manufacturing of the material now. So in essence what is in the trade will dry up very soon,” he added.

Samuda says from the onset, the Government’s target was to stop the supply of styrofoam that was being imported. He says business owners must now purchase more biodegradable containers for use.

” I think the single-use plastic bag below 24 inches by 24 inches is a good example of how to implement and how it worked. It did take between 4 and 6 weeks before most places in the trade had run out of their stock. At the end of the day, we are not trying to make people spend money or lose what they would have spent in their business.
However, we have a duty, not just to ourselves but to our children to protect the environment,” Samuda added.

The Government Senator also sought to explain that investing in more environmentally friendly items is the best move for the island.