Bunting Bashes Government Crime Response 

More can be done. Still looking back at 2022, Opposition Spokesman on National Security Peter Bunting says the decrease in murders from September to December, had nothing to do with States of Public Emergency.

Bunting says similar strategies will continue to yield results in the effort to fight crime. But, he says the government’s crime-fighting strategies, overall, have been unsuccessful, noting the increase in resources at their disposal, he indicates that they have failed to produce positive results. 

Instead, he credits Operation Relentless II and the 500 new recruits who were placed in hot-spots across troubled areas during that time. Bunting suggests more focus on the development of intelligence and investigative capabilities of the force. Straying from crime control measures, he says it is also important to increase crime prevention techniques. He says this will require a more holistic approach, including investment in social workers, to intervene in the cycle of crime.

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