Brown Burke: NPL Robs Poor Children Meal

Opposition Spokesperson on Education, Dr. Angella Brown Burke, has described as disgraceful the latest Auditor General findings into the operations and management at Nutrition Products Limited, (NPL).

This comes after the audit uncovered myriad shortcomings and deficiencies in the entity that falls under the education ministry’s purview. She noted that this is disappointing, as in the past persons have asked for the money for lunch from the organisation to be increased and they were told that was not possible as there was not enough funds to support and increase. Burke is calling for a full audit into all the agencies under the Education Ministry noting rampant questionable findings in recent years.

Dr. Brown Burke says the NPL revelations in the latest audit report tabled in Parliament are disgraceful. She suggests by their inefficiencies and deficiencies the company has robbed the children of a proper meal, as the company entrusted with this responsibility have been dishonest.

Dr. Brown Burke says it must be asked who was in charge of accountability and making sure the opposition’s concerns once rejected were not true. She insists a full audit of all agencies under the embattled Education Ministry must be pursued.

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