Dr. Angela Brown-Burke, the Chairman of the People’s National Party (PNP), is raising questions about the government’s response to the ongoing issue of violence against women and girls. Her concerns stem from a reported average of approximately 130 women and girls being killed annually on the island. In a span of just three weeks, from late September to early October, over seven women have tragically lost their lives. Dr. Angela Brown-Burke is urging the government to take decisive action.

She is posing a critical question to the government: What concrete steps are being taken to address this alarming situation? Dr. Angela Brown-Burke is proposing the consideration of a dedicated allocation within the national budget specifically aimed at enhancing the protection of women and children. She emphasizes that, despite reports of a decline in the overall murder rate by the Jamaica Constabulary Force, there are still significant concerns among many women regarding the genuine improvement of circumstances for their safety and security. Watch the report:

Reporter: Trishagaye Kelly

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