Brawl At Meadowbrook High School

A disturbing sequence of attacks unfolded on the grounds of the Meadowbrook High school in the corporate area last week, resulting in a number of girls being sent home today. 

The female students who should have been heading home sometime close to three on the evening of Friday, November 4, instead turned on each other, inflicting stab and scratch wounds, the weapons board, pens, and sharp fingernails. Dean of discipline at Meadowbrook High Lution Lawrence left to deal with the embarrassing facts

Affairs of the hearts escalated into a big showdown between 14- to 17-year-old girls, the boy nowhere to be found, their school sign and motto in the backdrop of the amateur videos not surprisingly some parents came, up in arms based on what they were told by their child, but in an about turn resorted to behaviours the children had displayed, when the truth came out, another need for intervention from the school. A concerning common thread.

In the end after deliberation on Thursday, some students were warned, while the main perpetrators were issued with 3- and 5-day suspension letters. Among the bigger picture what relationships are necessary at this time and how to cope.

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