BPOs Encourage In-Office and At-Home Workers to Take the Jab

BPOs Encourage in-office and at-home workers to take the jab- Heads of call centres are encouraging their employees to get vaccinated as they have recorded a number of fatalities within the sector. The sector is aiming to get at least 70 per cent of the workforce vaccinated by December 2021.

The Global Services Association of Jamaica (GSAJ), the trade association representing outsourcing firms in Jamaica is encouraging all operators in Jamaica to implore their employees to get vaccinated.

Gloria Henry, President of GSAJ says this is in an effort to continue protecting lives and livelihoods, as the sector is on a thrust to get towards 70% vaccinated, before year-end which is a little over thirty thousand (30,000) people.

Henry says GSAJ has been part of the private sector vaccination initiative which has been operating a number of blitz within BPO sites across the island. She is also encouraging prospective workers to get vaccinated even as they are job hunting and that those who opt to work from home are also being encouraged.

Henry explains that the tremendous sacrifices of BRO/GSS workers during the lockdown and temporary closure has contributed to over 15% growth in the sector, and therefore, is encouraging workers to use that same tenacity to protect their lives from the ravages of COVID-19 and the lives of their families, co-workers, and the Jamaican community by getting vaccinated.