Boss Up Prostate Cancer; Tufton Calls For Local Approach 

Boss Up Prostate Cancer; Tufton Calls For Local Approach To Prostate Cancer 

Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. Christopher Tufton says more work needs to be done to bring awareness to prostate cancer.
Speaking on Sunday at the Prostate Cancer Medical Conference, the Minister shared remarks that Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region are considered high-risk zones for prostate cancer and admits that there has been limited focus given to it.

He has committed to changing this and announced that at the end of September, the government will launch a policy aimed at guiding a local approach to prostate cancer awareness.

The Jamaica Cancer Society has reported an increase in persons tested for prostate cancer in 2018, saying approximately 1600 men were tested.
The Health ad Wellness Ministry launched a public education campaign on August 29 saying that a greater focus must be placed on prevention to get Jamaicans to practice healthier and better quality lifestyles while reducing the costs associated with curative measures.

Dubbed the “Boss Man”, the campaign is supported by the Jamaica Cancer Society, Guardian Group, and Guardsman Group. It is projected to run for six months, during which men will be encouraged to “boss up” and get screened to preserve their lives.