In a concerning incident yesterday, Kingston College was subjected to a bomb threat, prompting the implementation of safety and security protocols. The threat was issued close to the dismissal of school, triggering a comprehensive response from the authorities. Following established procedures, the security force, with a focus on the bomb squad, will conduct a thorough search of both campuses to ensure the safety of staff, parents, and students. The bomb squad has advised that the search will take place tomorrow morning, requiring the suspension of regular access to the physical space until completion.

In response to these security measures, Kingston College has made the decision to transition all classes online tomorrow via the Google Classroom platform. Students will receive the necessary information from their respective teachers to facilitate a seamless transition to virtual learning. School officials emphasize that these precautionary steps are being taken to prioritize the safety of everyone associated with Kingston College. Updates will be provided promptly as soon as new information becomes available. The administration urges parents, guardians, and students to remain vigilant and cooperative during this challenging period. The situation is being closely monitored, and the institution is committed to ensuring the well-being of the entire Kingston College community. View the statement below:


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