Bolt Rep Allegedly Approved Several Transfers To Bearer

It is a case of fraud on steroids, even as the local authorities gain insight and support from the Federal Burea of Investigation (FBI), several leaked documents purportedly detailing numerous transactions made from Usain Bolt’s  Welljen company to the account of an alleged bearer. 

In the set of documents obtained by CVM TV, private wealth management and brokerage equity transfer request forms, transactions dated back to 2021. Several varying shares from popular international securities were transferred internally to the account of one of four individuals listed as bearers of the accused.

She had previously listed their names in a sworn statement whom she said she worked with independent of SSL to collect cheques and do bank errands on her behalf. In these documents and in the case of the retired athlete, the permission allegedly came by way of email from a member of Bolt’s team at the time. The transactions continued based on the documents up to February 2022. 

Interestingly, when the scandal initially broke, the accused manager’s sworn statement alleged that she worked at SSL for 25 years and up to January 2023 was a client relationship manager who also acted as a wealth advisor. She notes she interacted with clients, managed portfolios assist with withdrawals, deposits and statements.

In this case, the documents bore her signature solely, in the capacity of private wealth and brokerage associate. Comparing the data from the sworn statement and what is now being seen on the documents, two of the listed bearers were allegedly fleeced of thousands of us dollars by the accused. 

In her own statement, she borrowed the sums without knowledge of how she would repay from several clients. In the case of bearer 1 whose name was listed as the recipient of the transferred shares from Bolt’s company, no mention was made of doing anything except transferring the shares.

However,  in the case of the others, the former client relationship manager confessed to fleecing one, of what would be about 6500 USD  had the money remained untouched, she said she took that money in 2018 after adding an additional sum to the amount he allegedly opted to withdraw.

Bearer 2 did deliveries for her allegedly, and was also defrauded of us 35,000 dollars without his consent after she allegedly sold his shares and took the proceeds. Among those allegedly fleeced by the accused, is the same member of Bolt’s team who allegedly approved transfers from Welljen to a bearer, and by her own admission even her daughter’s father was defrauded by her in 2022. 

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