Boat Carrying Drugs Catches Fire, Man on the Run

One man is in custody and two others were injured after the boat that was used to transport Ganja caught fire. According to the Portland police, an estimated 1.4 million dollars worth of drugs were seized following the incident. This is the third drug seizure in the parish in recent months.

The boat that was set ablaze, three men were making an attempt to transport two hundred pounds of compressed Ganja valued at 1.4 million dollars in Sandshore, Manchioneal, Portland Saturday night. According to the Deputy Superintendent of Police for the Portland Division Troyville Haughton, two of the men suffered burns from the inferno.

DSP Haughton is appealing to anyone who can assist the Port Antonio police in locating a man known as ‘Gummy’, one of the three men who fled the scene. One person so far has been taken into custody and investigations are ongoing. This operation marks the third seizure. In the parish. Nearly two months ago two persons were arrested and charged in connection to another drug seizure.