Boarding Schools In Rural Jamaica Resume Physical Learning

A number of boarding schools in rural Jamaica have resumed face-to-face learning.

Registration for Grade 7 students commenced at Monroe College, an all Boys Boarding institution in St. Elizabeth on Monday. Principal Mark Smith says there were mounting concerns for the students falling behind especially in deep rural areas, due to internet connectivity issues.

Similar to other institutions, Smith says all grades will be in rotation. This as he enforces the COVID-19 protocols in protecting the safety of staff and students. Smith says students and parents will have to adjust to the new normal. Meanwhile, he says there will be an integration period for teachers.

Neighboring girls school, Hampton High another boarding facility also resumed face to face learning.

Principal Marvel Charlton-Brown says boarding students would have returned to the facility on Sunday. She says on Monday 60 upper school boarding students arrived at the institution.

The principal says daily reports are to be provided to health officials to track the developments of both staff and students.

CVM Live‘s Javine McLean reports: