Residents in Grants Pen, St. Andrew, are sharing their harrowing experiences with CVM News following a weekend marked by the tragic murders of four men in their close-knit community.

The streets of Grants Pen in St. Andrew have become a sea of uncertainty and dread in the wake of a recent surge in violence that claimed the lives of four individuals in just one week. According to residents who spoke with CVM News, their lives have been drastically affected by these events. They find themselves living in a constant state of fear, and the economic repercussions are pushing them into a spiral of debt as local businesses are forced to shut their doors. Tragedy struck on Sunday when three men were gunned down at a construction site on Shortwood Lane in the community, shortly after 3 PM. The victims have been identified as 49-year-old Shane Brooks, 34-year-old Gawayne Harvey, and 51-year-old Christopher Gordon. These heartbreaking losses followed the shooting death of a man believed to be dancehall artiste Jahsii’s brother, 39-year-old David Clarke, on Saturday. Police reports indicate that Clarke was shot around 2 AM and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

These distressing developments have cast a dark cloud over a popular community party series, abruptly putting it on hold. In light of these tragic events, residents are urgently calling upon those responsible for the surge in crime to cease their reign of terror. Watch the report:

Reporter: Natalia Clarke

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