The community of Bull Bay in St. Andrew has received a block making machine for a social enterprise project which aims to address some of the socio-economic challenges within the area.

The machine was donated by the Caribbean Cement Company Limited.

Residents (eleven men and seven women) were given certificates for participating in a theory training exercise for block making along with technical training for operating the donated block machine.

General Manager of Carib Cement, Yago Castro says this is a partnership with the company and the people of Jamaica.

He notes that the idea of the project came from Mexico that has communities manufacturing blocks for themselves or for sale.

He urges safety when operating the machine.

Member of Parliament for East rural St Andrew, Juliet Holness in commending the participants, highlights that the project is a business venture and not a one off.

Holness adds that community members will be benefiting significantly from this investment and profit made will be reinvested in community development.

However, members outside of the community will have to pay more.