Insisting the pay hike for parliamentarians has eaten away at Jamaicans’ willingness to give back to the country, one bishop is urging church members, and residents at large, to boycott all Labour Day activities.  Bishop Dr. Alvin Bailey of Portmore Holiness Christian church asserts the fire is further fueled by government members defending the increase with justifications he describes as inadequate and insulting. Calling for nothing short of a rollback, he also bashed the opposition for “flip-flopping” around

The issue, insisting they have walked out of parliament for less impactful matters. The Minister holds firmly to the belief that the increase will not attract the best, instead, he asserts it breathes life into nepotism, favoritism, and one-upmanship. As such, he has banned the church’s involvement in any Labour Day activities. Watch the report:

Reporter: Natalia Clarke

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