“Bigga Crime” Dead, Police Force and Residence Express Relief

Deputy Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey has confirmed that one of the nation’s most wanted men was shot and killed by members of the security forces. The individual was wanted in connection with a double murder among other serious crimes.

Nesta Morrison otherwise called ‘Bigga Crime’, an individual who has been on the JCF’s most wanted list for several years, as the supposed leader of the Tankwell Hill gang in Bull Bay has been shot and killed by members of the security forces.

Bigga crime had been the target of a major operation by the joint anti-gang task force, at his suspected headquarters of Tankwell Hill in Bull Bay, in November 2022. Though he managed to evade capture, two M16 rifles and a handgun along with 129 rounds of ammunition were recovered.

DCP Bailey expressed relief that the security forces were able to put an end to what they describe as a “reign of terror”. Watch the report:

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