Better Treatment for Elderly Citizens: Senator Damion Crawford 

On Friday senators moved a motion, for better care and treatment of elderly citizens. Senator Don Wehby, in his contribution, suggested that the diaspora do more in this regard, to better protect the well-being of mature citizens.

Senator Damion Crawford is recommending a national health insurance programme, insisting the move would be the best method to address the needs of the senior community.

Senator Crawford went further to discuss elderly abuse; he says violence against the elderly may also have a negative impact on the diaspora. This means returning Jamaicans could be discouraged from returning to the island. He lauded the motion that is being moved for elderly care and protection while suggesting several other areas in need of attention.

Though in favor of the suggested motions, Senator Don Wehby believes improving the existing framework that already exist, would be a more preferable approach than passing new legislation. He says the National Identification System (NIDS) could play a critical role, in identifying vulnerable elderly citizens. More details below:

Reporter:  Justin Graham.