Local Software Developer, Romaine Whyte is attempting to fight crime with technology. Whyte has created a tracking app to aid in the fight against human trafficking and abductions, after two year.

Whyte who is the founder of RWD Industries and his team have created a family safety and alert system that permits an individual to share their live location. Using 24/7 GPS tracking and device monitoring, Beacon also features a distress signal the user activates in case of emergencies. Whyte says once the distress signal is tapped an alert is sent to a loved one who is connected to you. The app records audio and pictures one’s surroundings.

The tracking app, Beacon, launched in March 2021 was created in response to the rise in crime across Jamaica. Whyte noted that the creation of the app was influenced by the the increase in kidnappings among other crimes and being in the technology field saw it fit to do so. The Beacon app is free on the Google Play Store and accessible to everyone around the world.

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