Bail was extended for the four women implicated in the multi-million dollars Sagicor Bank fraud when they appeared in court on Thursday. It was disclosed several pieces of evidence critical to the matter were still outstanding. The accused are all former employees: Tricia Moulton, her sister Alysia Moulton- White, Malika McLeod, and Tishan Samuels. 

The quartet stood sombrely as their attorneys mapped a path forward. It was disclosed to the court that some files are still outstanding, including the forensic audit and the footage requested by Moulton- White’s Attorney, Matthew Hyatt at the last hearing. Hyatt had said there was a $661, 000 deposit made to his client’s Sagicor account on September 21 and 30 last year and requested footage for both days between 8am and 4pm.

Prosecutors revealed the footage for September 21 was available and would be submitted soon. Hyatt is also requesting the details of a 400, 000 dollars withdrawal from Moulton-White’s account on September 21. The Attorney representing Samuels, Rita Allen Brown, also requested footage and transaction details from the prosecution for September 8, 2022. 

King’s Counsel Peter Champagnie, who represents McLeod explains the case has some degree of complexity.

Reporter: Natalia Clarke

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