In a shocking turn of events on Knutsford Boulevard in Kingston 5 over a month ago, a 33-year-old taxi operator from Greater Portmore in St. Catherine finds himself in hot water, charged with attempted murder following an incident that has sent shockwaves through the community. Peter Johnson, the accused, allegedly tried to mow down an on-duty police officer during a routine traffic violation stop. The incident unfolded when Johnson, behind the wheel of his Toyota Probox motor car, purportedly aimed his vehicle directly at the officer. Despite the officer’s quick thinking and evasion, he was not able to escape unscathed, as he was struck by the vehicle’s passenger door.

In a tense escalation, the police officer responded by firing shots in Johnson’s direction. The exchange resulted in Johnson sustaining a leg injury, prompting him to seek immediate medical attention. Subsequently, he was taken into custody by law enforcement. The accused taxi operator, Peter Johnson, now faces serious charges of attempted murder, casting a shadow over the once-peaceful streets of Greater Portmore. The incident raises concerns about the safety of law enforcement officers in the line of duty and the potential dangers they face during routine traffic stops.

The injured police officer, though fortunate to have avoided more severe harm, serves as a stark reminder of the risks faced by those tasked with maintaining public order. The incident also underscores the need for increased vigilance and caution among law enforcement officers as they carry out their duties. Peter Johnson is scheduled to appear in court on February 16, 2024, where he will answer to the attempted murder charges brought against him. The court proceedings will be closely monitored, with the community eagerly awaiting justice to be served.

Reporter: Natalia Clarke

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