Residents in the West Kingston constituency were provided the opportunity to receive their COVID-19 vaccine jabs. Plans are also in place to have more mobile resources.

Hundreds turned out in West Kingston for vaccines at the blitz site located at the Tivoli High School on Thursday, September 2. According to Regional Director for the South East Regional Health Authority, (SERHA) Errol Greene, the goal is to have at least one thousand persons vaccinated.

Greene, however, notes while the move to have independent blitz sites accessible for citizens in close proximity, it is imperative to make vaccination easy to access for persons who reside at a much further distance.

He also adds preparations are underway to facilitate persons who are sick and shut-in. Meanwhile, Mayor of Kingston, Delroy Williams, when asked about critics claims that the Government’s vaccination initiative is a political tool, Williams said the initiative which is lead by the Government seeks to appeal to Jamaicans regarding the importance of taking the vaccine and to hear their concerns.

Local Government Minister and Member of Parliament for West Kingston, Desmond McKenzie, says he is pleased with the turnout from various residents across the constituency. He is encouraging persons who are un-vaccinated to take the jab.

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