All Jamaicans 60 years and older who are fully vaccinated will soon be able to apply for their one-off grant of 10-thousand dollars after the government removed the criteria to grant the payments only to those below the 1.5 million dollars income threshold. Minister of Finance Dr. Nigel Clarke says the decision was made to remove the rule so more Jamaicans can benefit from the grant.

Citizens 60 years and older will soon be able to apply for their one-off grant of 10-thousand dollars for taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

The age-group, according to the Ministry of Health has the highest death rate. 

Finance Minister, Dr. Nigel Clarke says the incentive is to encourage those Jamaicans to take the vaccine. Previously, only citizens who earned less than 1.5 million dollars per year were eligible.

But now, the Finance Minister says the government has decided to remove that criterion because of criticisms of the GOJ tying the incentive to a social programme.