Another Teen Dies After Clarendon Car Crash

Residents of Lionel Town and Hayes, Clarendon remain at odds with the police for a second consecutive day following the controversial crash and death of several teenagers Saturday.

Protests ignited sections of the parish causing both the police and military to be out in their numbers to clear piles of burning debris used to block the roads. 

Things grew more intense Monday after news came from Kingston informing that another teenager had died during surgery. 

A third boy, 17-year-old Devontae Johnson who was transferred to the Kingston public hospital succumbed to his injuries while he was reportedly undergoing surgery. News of his death put residents in a state of anger.

Bottles, tires, board, and just about anything that was movable or insight were dumped onto the roadway by residents, who then set them ablaze.

Despite several warnings from the security forces the crowd was not deterred as they called for clarity amid Saturday’s tragedy. The police threaten that if the residents continue to throw debris onto sections of the road, they would be arrested. The irate crowd subsequently dispersed.

The police called for reinforcement after which a military team came on the scene. As we combed through the accident scene, we saw car parts, clothing and jewellery believed to be that of the occupants. 

Placards by scores of protesters were also left behind.

In the meantime, the Hayes main road which was blocked on Sunday during a fiery protest has since been cleared and washed by a team from the Jamaica fire brigade. However, tensions remain high as residents continue to point fingers at the lawmen.