Another Suspect Walks During Klansman Trial, But Not Entirely Free

Another accused member of the notorious Klansman Gang was freed of charges laid against him, but that judgment was more predictable than the disturbance caused when a co-accused turned a section of the courtroom into a public restroom. 

‘A lack of substantial evidence.’ and so Carl Beech, accused of conspiracy to murder, being part of a criminal organization, and the murder of one known as “Outlaw,” on counts 2, 11, & 12 of the indictment, has been freed from all charges in the ongoing Klansman Gang Trial. Though CVM LIVE understands that Beech remains in custody since he is to answer to another, unrelated matter. 

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes notes that beech was not mentioned in any other witness testimony as being part of any meetings, or with any other of the accused members in any form outside of the car ride to kill Outlaw. Therefore, no evidence supports him being a member of a criminal organization, or that he actually took part in the said killing. But Sykes says he is satisfied that the gang’s alleged Leader Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan was part of the planning to kill Outlaw, along with the accused Tareek James.

As the Chief Justice continued his summation, an unusual interjection caught the attention of the entire courtroom. The accused Ted Prince, raising his hand, shuffled over to the wall closest to him and proceeded to urinate. This unauthorized bathroom break was met with waves of gasps and confusion. Almost coinciding with the usual adjournment period, the chief justice signaled for the time out.  

Meanwhile, Sykes also referenced the crown witness’s testimony against Andre Golding, which says the accused complained to the witness about how Blackman was treating him, and that they have a history dating back to when they were children. But Golding disagrees with this, as he says the witness quote “nuh ave a numba fi link mi” adding “him baby mada know my baby mada, but dat nuh mean him know me,” end quote Sykes says he does not believe the witness is fabricating testimonies against Golding, and therefore the testimony is accepted. 

The Judge also accepts witness testimony against Jazelee ‘Squeeze Eye’ Blake and Tomrick Taylor. 26 defendants remain before the trial judge to answer to various offenses when court resumes, Wednesday.

Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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