Another Shooting in Yallahs, St Thomas – Resident Killed at Bar

Another killing in Yallahs, St Thomas less than a day after gunmen took the life of a man at Yallahs Beach has kept crime fighters busy. Though the two killings have not been linked so far, sources say fear is rising in the east. On Sunday police were summoned to Yallahs Beach where a bullet-riddled body was found of a resident of poor man’s corner in St Thomas. 

By Monday, another deadly encounter with criminals left another resident of poor man’s corner dead. He’s been identified as a 39-year-old fisherman, Richard Campbell otherwise called brown man. Chilling videos by residents after the explosions show crowds gathering in the dark attempting to make sense of the tragedy and identify the victim. Sources say Campbell lived houses away from the man who died at Yallah’s Beach on Sunday. It’s unclear whether the killings are related. 

Reports are that at about 9:11 Monday night, Campbell was sitting on the outside of a popular bar, when he was approached by a lone man on foot who pulled a firearm from his waist and shot him several times.

The gunman then made his escape in a waiting motorcar.  Moments later the police were summoned upon arrival. The victim was seen lying face down in a pool of blood with what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds to the body. He was transported to the Kingston Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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