Andrew Holness appointed Prime Minister  – Andrew Holness has been reappointed as Prime Minister of Jamaica during a  swearing-in ceremony at the King’s House Monday, September 7, 2020. Four cabinet ministers were also appointed. During his address, the Prime Minister made bold statements about the integrity of the cabinet and his commitment to stamp out corruption as well as the work that needs to be done to control the spread of the Coronavirus, COVID-19, and to rebuild the economy. 

Prime Minister Andrew Holness during the address committed to creating a cabinet of integrity following reports of corruption in several ministries including criminal charges being brought against one minister. 

 He says the appointment of the four ministers is crucial to the recovery country’s health and economy and international relations amidst the global pandemic.


“In addition to investigation and prosecution, we must also seek to prevent the occurrence of  acts which weaken public trust and damage the integrity of the Government”

PM Andrew Holness

Andrew Holness Appointed Prime Minister – Watch the full story below: