A former councillor for the Gregory Park Division in Portmore, St. Catherine, is echoing the call for strong social intervention programmes to quell the ongoing gang violence in the area. He is demanding action from the political representatives and is also appealing to warring factions to desist from wreaking havoc. The first week of August saw a number of arson attacks, a 4-day curfew and a gun battle between the security forces and thugs, leaving one man dead. 

People’s National Party (PNP) caretaker-candidate for the Gregory Park Division, Oral Gunning, is imploring political representatives to join forces in the fight against gang violence, noting that the police have had their hands full. 

Recently, the Commanding Officer for the St. Catherine South Police Division, Senior Superintendent Christopher Phillips asserted that solely routine police operations will not restore order in the community.

Citing the need for strong social intervention programmes, he said he would be having talks with justices of the peace, pastors and other key stakeholders to explore options. In the interim, gunning is making a strong appeal to warring factions. Watch the full report: