The Easter Weekend was far from cheerful for one Kingston family, whose matriarch remains at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH). Over a month ago, while at home, the elderly woman fell from a bed and subsequently stopped communicating with her loved ones. 

Fearing the worst, her daughter has made several appointments to get an MRI done to ascertain the extent of the injuries, but she says the limited resources at the hospital have left that task incomplete. Claudette Grant told CVM LIVE, her mother, who is diabetic, allegedly fell from a bed and injured her head a few weeks ago. After being her to the hospital, she was treated for three days and was subsequently discharged with a referral to do an MRI at another facility. The patient was scheduled to return to KPH on April 21, but after noticing her mother was no longer communicating and had a fever, Grant took her back to the hospital on March 30.

Reporter: Natalia Clarke

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