Importation of dark meat: The Christmas season is where families follow the tradition of preparing myriad food items on Christmas Day. And for many Jamaicans chicken is the choice of poultry.

However, the alleged illegal importation of the blended chicken by-products is denting the pockets of many business owners.

The Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association, JMEA,  President Richard Pandohie says the inspection of these containers at the nation’s ports should be intensified to protect the Jamaican product.

Thirty- five per cent of the chicken produced in Jamaica is produced by small farmers. 

They too have felt the hit of the alleged corrupted importation of the duty protected chicken parts.

The 240 percent duty imposed on the importation of chicken leg and thigh has deterred importers from declaring the parts legally.

Instead it’s alleged that these lucrative chicken  parts are being illicitly mixed with the duty free chicken neck and back to avoid high duty.

Pandohie says it is a similar situation that led to what he describes as the demise of the milk industry in the ’90s. He says this industry has not recovered since.

He predicts that if this matter is not resolved with alacrity the same fate is likely for the poultry industry.

CVM Live‘s Paige Dixon reports: