In a significant joint-task force anti-gang operation on Thursday, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) reported the death of a 29-year-old alleged Clans gang member, Suman McFarlane, also known as “Max.” The operation, spearheaded by the Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Branch (CTOC) following a nine-month investigation, unfolded in a dramatic confrontation resulting in McFarlane’s demise. According to official reports, McFarlane, a laborer, engaged the police in a fierce gun battle. The operation yielded substantial results, including the confiscation of three illegal firearms, an undisclosed quantity of ammunition, a significant amount of cash, and luxury items valued at approximately three million dollars.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey, in charge of the crime portfolio, disclosed that the operation was the culmination of an extensive investigation by CTOC, resulting in multiple arrests. Shockingly, findings from the investigation linked the Clans gang to at least 800 murders since 2014, solidifying its position among the top five organized criminal gangs in Jamaica. DCP Bailey emphasized gang violence as a primary contributor to the country’s murder rate, with the majority of Clans gang operations concentrated in Spanish Town and its environs. The Deputy Commissioner underscored the relentless commitment of the JCF to disrupt criminal organizations by any means necessary.

In the wake of these recent operations, Jamaican law enforcement issues a stern warning to criminals, urging them to surrender voluntarily. The police pledge unwavering determination in their pursuit of justice. The press briefing, held on Thursday, showcased the strides made through ongoing coordinated anti-gang initiatives, highlighting the dedication of the JCF’s Criminal Investigations Branch. As the nation grapples with the impact of organized crime, the JCF remains resolute in its mission to curtail gang-related violence and bring perpetrators to justice.

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Reporter: Celine Campbell

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