Alarming Surge In Attacks On Homeless People

In a move to address the growing issue of homelessness across the country, the government has opened the latest night shelter for the indigent, in Falmouth, Trelawny. 

There are however concerns about how members of the public are treating those who remain on the streets. There is an alarming increase in the homeless population in Jamaica. And arguably more concerning, there has also been a notable increase in attacks against members of this vulnerable community. 

Local government and Rural Development Minister, Desmond Mckenzie, says these attacks are sometimes fatal. 

The minister highlights the savage attack on a homeless man who was burnt to death last year, allegedly at the hands of five youngsters. McKenzie, speaking at the opening of a night shelter for the homeless in Falmouth, Trelawny, invites all well thinking Jamaicans to condemn such behaviors, exert empathy and protect and respect the destitute. 

He continues, the Andrew Holness led government is on a mission to aid the community with safe, comfortable spaces to rest.

Reporter: Natalia Clarke

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