Agriculture Ministry Calls For Import-Export Review

Agriculture Ministry calls for review: The call for a review on the poultry import-export process is expected to ease tension among industry players amid rising concerns.

Agriculture Minister Floyd Green says he plans remedy the concerns plaguing the importation process. The review is expected by the end of next month.

The 2005 to 2015 investigation done by the the Integrity Commission on poultry importation has given rise to several questions.

The Integrity Commission says among other concerns the clearance of containers has not been  a transparent process.

The findings resulted in  players in the  local poultry industry suspecting the illicit importation of dark meat.

This ultimately leading to tension between, the importers, the Jamaica customs and  the ministry of agriculture.

As the story unfolds, poultry importers say these allegations are affecting their business.

Michael Chuck, is one such poultry importer.

Local importers say this licensing is not only hard to acquire but the system is governed by favourtism.

Minister Green says this is also on the agenda come 2021

Paige Dixon reports for CVM Live: