Urgent Evacuations and Cautionary Measures Amidst Portland’s Relentless Rains

The aftermath of persistent heavy rains in Portland has prompted urgent evacuations in West Retreat, as alarming reports reveal that residents in severely affected areas face imminent danger. The most recent incident necessitated the evacuation of a hillside home in West Retreat. Jacqueline Cuthbert, a resident, recounts the escalating frequency of distressing reports as the domino effects of prolonged heavy rains become increasingly evident. Ms. Cuthbert, who managed to escape safely from her imperiled home, received advice against returning to the structure she had invested millions of dollars in. Subsequent inspections validated her fears, leaving her with the harsh reality of being separated from her children while seeking an alternative living space.

In a plea for assistance, Ms. Cuthbert urgently seeks help to reunite with her loved ones as quickly as possible. The dire situation in West Retreat underscores the urgent need for coordinated relief efforts in the face of the ongoing weather-related challenges in the region. Member of Parliament for Portland Western, Daryl Vaz, has responded to the ongoing heavy rains by issuing a cautionary update on measures taken to address potential hazards in the parish. Vaz emphasized the need for vigilance amidst the current wet weather conditions, highlighting efforts underway to mitigate risks. The community is urged to stay tuned for further updates as Portland grapples with the aftermath of the relentless rains. As residents face displacement and potential dangers, the collective response and coordination of relief efforts remain crucial in ensuring the safety and well-being of those affected.


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