Owning a home is a common dream among the working class, but are middle income Jamaicans able to afford this dream?

A lack of affordable housing for working class and middle income workers is a major point of concern across the country.

Despite recent projects announced by the government, few young professionals can comfortably afford to own a home.

The conversation was recently explored on CVM LIVE with Vice President of the PNPYO Ackeem Dobson and President of JLP young Jamaicans, Howard Chamberlin.

Dobson argues that with some young professionals earning 81,000 per month it is highly unlikely that they will be able to afford a home.He says especially in situations where  they are burdened with other bills which might include Student Loan payments.

However Chamberlin says the government has done enough to provide housing for those wanting to become home owners and it is employers who must increase salaries.

A viewpoint Dobson quickly dismissed, maintaining that home ownership is out of reach to young Jamaicans simply because of the cost.