Above Normal Hurricane Season for 2022

Another above normal Atlantic hurricane season has been predicted by the Director of the MET Service, Evan Thompson for 2022. This as the expert says 14 to 21 named storms are likely this season which started on June 1. 

Thompson says it will be critical that Jamaicans prepare and not only say they are doing so as the seasons intensify. He’s also urging citizens to ensure they seek out accurate information. Raging storms have kept locals busy over the years preparing for the disasters or suffering their wrath. Director Thompson notes the active nature of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season could see more Jamaicans embracing this fate. Experts say 14 to 21 named storms are likely.

Thompson says preparation is key and the pandemic is less likely to change that despite the current 5th wave. He’s also encouraging Jamaicans to seek accurate and credible information this hurricane season noting concerns with misinformation. The Atlantic hurricane season ends on November 30.

Reporter: Nasika Alliman