Community Rallies Behind Single Father’s Quest to Rebuild After Devastating Fire

In the wake of a tragic fire that left him homeless and separated from his three children, Portland native Damion Brown is reaching out to the public for assistance in rebuilding his life. The single father, determined to overcome adversity, is now at the forefront of a community-driven effort to expedite the process of reuniting with his young family. Brown, a father of three children, all under the age of five, recounts the harrowing experience of losing his home due to a fire that originated in a neighboring dwelling. Left with nothing but the determination to provide a better life for his children, Brown faces the additional challenge of a custody threat from the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA). His sister’s timely intervention spared him from losing custody, but Brown remains steadfast in his pursuit of reunification.

Acknowledging the difficulties he faces, Brown emphasizes his commitment to creating a brighter future for his family. Despite the obstacles, he has become a jack-of-all-trades to make ends meet and regain stability. The CPFSA’s looming custody threat, prompted by his current situation, underscores the urgency of his plea for assistance. In a turn of fate, Christopher Richards, CEO of Beep Beep Driving School, has stepped forward to support Brown’s journey toward rebuilding. Brown views this assistance as a catalyst for a new beginning and is grateful for the helping hand extended by Richards. This act of generosity has ignited hope and inspired Brown to welcome additional forms of aid from the community.

Reporter: Celine Campbell 
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