92 Active Cases in Westmoreland are Children

In just two months Westmoreland saw a jump of active infections in children from 10 in July to over 90 in September; a concern raised by the medical officer in the parish. 55 percent of the total infections in children in the parish happened during the third wave.

Parents are urged to have children observe the COVID-19 protocols to prevent further infections considering long term health risks it could pose for the young.

More children under 19 are being affected by COVID-19 in Westmoreland during the third wave of the pandemic in Jamaica. This is cause for concern according to the Medical Officer of Health in the parish, Dr. Marcia Graham.

Over half of the infections of children in the parish since the beginning of the pandemic happened during the third wave.
While it’s commonly accepted that children and young people under 20 are less likely to suffer severe symptoms of the virus, Dr. Graham warns of the after-effects of COVID-19 on children.

Of the 92 active cases, only one child is hospitalized with as co-morbidity while the others are in home isolation. She notes that most of the youngsters contracted the virus from infected household members or playmates in their community. Graham knows the difficultly young children have in observing COVID-19 protocols but wants parents to take caution to protect the young.

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