50 Year Old St. Ann Woman Found Dead in Her Tank

Residents in Brown’s Town, St Ann are questioning the death of a 50-Year-Old teacher whose body was found floating in her tank on Saturday morning. The teacher’s death has left her 78-year-old mother pondering her daughter’s final moments.

The Goshen Community in Brown’s Town St. Ann is again grieving another death in less than a week, this time involving a 50-year-old teacher. The deceased lived with her 78-year-old mother, Millicent Minto, who was last to see her daughter says about 6 am she was awakened by her daughter who asked her to go get medication. She told her daughter that it was too early as the pharmacy is not yet opened and they would do so as soon as possible and went back to bed.

Sometime after she awoke and was checking for her daughter, she noticed Minto was missing from the house and started searching, she also called other relatives to help in the search. The body was later found in a concrete water tank. Uncle of the deceased says this comes as a complete shock.

From the information received, the deceased was suffering from mental illness and was being treated. However, to add even more trauma to the family, the house of the duo was broken into a day after Minto’s death.

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